Composite Cord Strap

Composite Cord Strap

Composite Cord Strap

Composite cord strap is a combination of high strength polyester fibers and polypropylene raw material. This product is suitable for pallet strapping. It is applied with buckles and simple packaging tools. This strap provides economical and safe packaging. It is resistant to weather conditions. And it can be used in all sectors.

Width (mm) Breaking Strength Core Diameter Length
13 mm 3750 N Ø 206 mm 1100 mt
16 mm 5000 N Ø 206 mm 850 mt
19 mm 6000 N Ø 206 mm 600 mt
25 mm 12000 N Ø 206 mm 400 mt
32 mm 16500 N Ø 206 mm 300 mt


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